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Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum


Everett, Wa



The Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum at Paine Field in Everett, WA faced a dilemma - an overflow of vintage airplanes without adequate hangar space. The challenge was to create a cost-effective structure accommodating additional planes while maintaining a seamless visitor experience. While acknowledging that replicating the 1950s hangar's style was impractical, our solution involved a premanufactured metal building. It proved cost-effective, with a design strategy incorporating materials and colors reminiscent of the original hangar. Modern elements like a canopy and entry structures were seamlessly highlight and maximize the visual impact.


Flying Heritage-24.jpg
FHC Hanger 3 March 11 2021-11.jpg

The resulting facility not only accommodates extra aircraft but also features an expanded gift shop, a theater, and exhibition space for the impressive collection of airplanes, tanks, and artillery. Certified as LEED Silver, the project demonstrates a commitment to sustainability, incorporating numerous eco-friendly features.

Flying Heritage-13.jpg



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