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Our Design Philosophy

Our project approach commences with thorough research, delving into every facet of our client's needs, preferences, and usage requirements. Our philosophy is founded on the idea that by listening first and learning the needs and wants of our clients, we can create spaces that are truly inspired by the people who will be using them.  This comprehensive understanding extends to site-specific factors, jurisdictional regulations, and other essential parameters. Armed with this knowledge, we embark on the design process, ensuring a well-informed and efficient start. Once initial ideas take shape, we engage in collaborative sessions with the client to refine the design. We dissect what works and why, and identify any elements that don't align with the project's objectives, often focusing on the underlying reasons .Whether it's a commercial office or a residential home, we strive to design spaces that not only function the way they need to, but also move our clients personally.

Subsequently, our focus shifts to the technical aspects of the project, meticulously documenting every detail to facilitate a seamless construction process. Leveraging our extensive background in construction, we proactively anticipate potential challenges and take measures to address them in advance. The final phase involves preparing and submitting comprehensive documentation for city or county approval, ensuring that our designs meet all regulatory requirements and are ready for execution.

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Our Amazing Team

Concept Architecture is a problem-solving firm rooted in the belief that attentive listening and understanding our clients' needs leads to inspired spaces. We aim to create environments that not only function optimally but also resonate personally with those who use them. Our work spans five western states, encompassing diverse landscapes from deserts to mountains, forests to lakes, cities, countryside, and even golf courses. Since our establishment in 2000, Concept has successfully delivered hundreds of projects of varying scales and complexities.

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Martin J. Reimers, AIA

Founder & Principal

Martin Reimers, the Principal, brings extensive experience to the table, spanning projects of all sizes. In residential projects, he covers speculative ventures, custom homes, remodels, additions, and multi-family developments. His expertise also extends to commercial spaces, notably in church design, alongside various other projects. With 30 years in architecture and eight in construction and real estate development, he offers a comprehensive understanding of the entire building process, resulting in efficient collaboration and cost-effective solutions. His ability to work closely with contractors, address site-specific challenges, and provide valuable assistance ensures the successful realization of his architectural projects.

Elizabeth Clay, AIA, NCARB


With over 25 years of experience, Elizabeth specializes in both Residential and Commercial Architecture, involving renovations, additions, and new construction projects. Elizabeth is a licensed Architect in the states of Washington and Michigan, holding a Professional Bachelor of Architecture degree, and a second bachelor's degree in Architectural Studies. Her complementary background in Fine Arts & Photography brings a thoughtful and creative approach to the table, while still engaging the technical rigors of structural design.

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James D Molder, AIA

Project Architect

Project Architect James Molder boasts 24 years of experience, starting as a Residential Framer in Dallas to gain construction insights, before honing his architectural skills. He joined Cathexes, LLC in Reno, where he rose to become a partner. His portfolio spans residential projects, including remodels, custom homes, multifamily developments, and master planning. Notably, his primary focus is on industrial and commercial projects, from historical rehabilitation to LEED-certified designs marked by a commitment to sustainability and innovation in features like ground source heating and solar walls.

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